Free Club Penguin Membership Contests & Giveaways

Hey Penguins,

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As a lot of people know who use this club penguin cheats site, I try to give away as many club penguin memberships and prizes as i can. One of the problems i have in giving away free club penguin memberships is that it’s hard to randomly pick someone from a list of over a 1000 people. ( if i’m giving away a free club penguin membership to one of my youtube subscribers for example)

But i finally found a way that i can give away club penguin memberships and club penguin coin codes and everything else. I set up a list program that anyone can sign up for and then i can randomly select someone from the list. Also using this program i can send you exclusive information before anyone else sees it. Even before it’s posted on one of my club penguin cheats blogs.

The best thing about it though is that it’s 100% free for all of you. Anyone can sign up and it only takes like 30 seconds. All you need to do is fill out the two boxes with your name or username and then fill out the other box with your email. ( Use your real email because i’m going to contact the winners of the free memberships and coin codes using the email they sign up with )

After you sign up you will automatically get an email from me asking you to verify that it’s your actual email ( so that i’m not sending membership codes and coin codes to fake emails and wasting them ). You need to go into your email and then click the link in the email verifying it’s your email address. That’s It!!!

Then you’ll be automatically entered in EVERY free club penguin membership, coin code, or any other prize contest i put on. You’ll also get some exclusive news and you’ll be the first to know when we’re about to release something big ( P.S. i’ve been working on a BIG project that i think everyone will want to be a part of )

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New Club Penguin Halloween Clothing In Haunted House

Hey penguins,

Club Penguin released another new item for the halloween party and it’s free for all the members who go to the haunted house. It’s a scarecrow costume called the silly scarecrow suit. I wouldn’t really call this halloween item a suit though, it’s more like a scarecrow jacket but what ever, it works.

Picture 2

All you need to do to get the club penguin jacket is click on your map and go to the mine. Once you get to the mine head into the haunted house and walk up the stairs. You’ll see a box full of free scarecrow jackets or “silly scarecrow suits” haha. Then all you have to do is click on the box and you’ll get a halloween scarecrow costume for free.

Picture 3

I wonder why club penguin didn’t release this when they first started the club penguin halloween party? Maybe they wanted to release stuff over time and not all at once. Or maybe they planned on using it for the 2010 club penguin halloween party and then decided to use it for the 2009 club penguin halloween party instead?

Well it doesn’t really matter. It’s there now and everyone should go grab one before there gone since it’s free and kind of a cool reminder of the 2009 club penguin halloween party.


Club Penguin Halloween Party Secrets & Cheats

Hey Penguins,

Here’s some more club penguin halloween party cheats and secrets for you guys. This covers just about everything you would want to know about the 2009 club penguin halloween party. Including the hidden items, the free items, tours of the locked member locations, and the monster catalog.

First off the first free item you can get is in the plaza.
Picture 6

It’s a hat that’s kinda weird with the stringy things coming out of it but i dont know, maybe you’ll like it. At least it will remind you of the 2009 halloween party on club penguin haha.

For the next hidden item you need to head to the mine and go into the haunted house. The club penguin haunted house is actually pretty cool i think. To get the hidden free item you need to go up the stairs and you’ll see a box full of jack-o-lantern masks.

Picture 7

This is a pretty cool item but i think it’d be pretty messed up if a ton of penguins were all walking around with jack-o-lantern masks on. There kinda freaky looking and a mob of penguins coming at you wearing them probably wouldn’t be the best thing your penguins ever experienced.

The next thing you’ll want to do is go out of the mansion and head over to the underground halloween party. You can get there by going through the wooden entrance on the right side of the lawn.

Picture 10

Once inside you need to click on the glowing lantern hanging from the ceiling. When you do a secret entrance will open up and you can go into the the secret halloween lab and have some fun.


If you click on the For Sale sign on the wall in the secret halloween lab you’ll be able to buy items from the monster catalog or technically the monster maker catalog. There’s actually a couple cool items in the catalog and the costumes could be pretty fun to use in like the middle of July when no one is expecting it. Imagine a giant furry chicken walking into the pizza parlor in the middle of the summer…

I think that’de be funny haha.

That’s really all there is for the new club penguin halloween party secrets and cheats. If you find anything else cool let me know and i’ll update the post and add it in there.


Club Penguin Halloween Hunt Cheats – Scavenger Candy Secrets

Hey Penguins,

Club Penguin has released the new CP Halloween scavenger hunt and hidden items so here’s the list of all the new club penguin Halloween cheats right. The best thing of the whole halloween party is the scavenger hunt so we’ll start with that.

Paintboy100’s Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt Cheats & Secrets:

Picture 3

First you need to Click on the Jack o lantern pumpkin in the top right of your screen to start the halloween scavenger hunt.


Next go to the Lodge Attic & you’ll see a jack o lantern pumpkin in the back left of the room in between the 2 couches.


Then head to the dock and click on the halloween Pumpkin in the back right.


Now head to town and into the pet shop. Once there click on the chandelier .


Next head to the Cove & then click on the book that you see on the billboard.


Now Head to the pool and you’ll see a jack o lantern hanging from the ceiling, click on it too.


Now head over to the soccer field and and you can click on the fields light thats on the right side.


Next you need to head to the forest and click on the shaking bushes in the back middle.


Finally head over to the mine & you need to click on the slime pit on the right side of the screen towards the front.


That’s all you have to do and you just beat the club penguin Halloween candy scavenger hunt. Your prize for beating the Halloween scavenger hunt is a new exclusive cp background, the jack-o-lanterns-background!!


I’ll be adding more cheats, pictures, and a some scavenger hunt and cheat tutorial videos ASAP. Stay Tuned…

Quick Updates On Club Penguin Cheats Sites

Hey Penguins,

I just wanted to let everyone know that i just got done moving CP club penguin cheats to a self hosted server! This means that it’s no longer on and i’ll be able to add a lot more stuff to the website that most club penguin cheats sites don’t have. Take my word, it’s a good thing!! You can check it out if you want by going to , it doesn’t look to different yet though.

I’m also trying to decide right now if i want to do the same thing with this website. At first i thought i’de merge it with but now i think i might make it it’s own site with a new domain and everything. It’de still be the same site but just with more functions and add-ons that would be good for all the users.

Anyways i haven’t really decided yet and i still have a good amount of updating work in front of me before i decide on what i’m going to do with paintboy100’s club penguin cheats. ( when i say a lot of work i mean it, i have 300 comments i need to go through and approve for this site that are still sitting there so when i get a few hours i’ll be on it )

Also i’m working on my surprise club penguin/not club penguin project and it’s getting closer to being done as well.

Anyways just wanted to make a quick update and let everyone know what we’ve been doing in TeamPaintboy that’s been keeping us so busy.


Club Penguin 4th Anniversary Party Cheats!

Hey There Penguins,

The 4th Anniversary Party Has Just Came Out & Is A Blast. Ive Got All The Cheats To Getting The 4th Anniversary Hat Right Below:

1. Log Onto Club Penguin

2. Go To The Town

3. Walk Into The Coffee Shop

4. Click On The Pinyata 5 Times.


Then The 4th Anniversary Party Hat Will Fall Down Right Under The Book Room Stairs

pARty hat3

Here’s How It Should Look Like When You Walk Up To It

Party Hat1

WOOW! This Party Rocked. Also Be Sure To Check Out The Year Book In The Book Room. WOW! That Was Fun. Also Doesnt That Party Hat Look Like The 1st Anniversary One? It Sure Does To Me =D Enjoy The Party For 1 Day Only!

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President

Oreo Summit’s Party!

Hey There Penguins,

One Of My Best Friends Is Having A Huge Club Penguin Party & Wants You All To Come.:

The 2nd BIGGEST CLUB PENGUIN PARTY is coming soon! Here is the Information!

  • Server: Summit
  • Place: Dock
  • Time: 3:00 PM Penguin Standard Time
  • When: November 1st 2009
  • What to Where: A Party Hat!


Special Guests: Lil Maney (not confirmed yet), Oreo Summit, fano, Big Dane, phat fano, starbucks, Sith Sith, Evac789, Tanner3598, Paintboy100 (not confirmed yet)


Party Hosted By: Oreo Summit, fano, & Lil Maney(not confimed yet)

5 Betas Will Be Appearing!

Be there 30- 60 Minutes Early Because the Party Will get Full Quick!

Thanks To All Of You Who Will Come. Also Ill be Updating This Blog And Club Penguin Hood With The 4th Anniversary Party Cheats. Stay Tuned For More =]

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President