Halloween Party Cheats 08!

Hey! Here’s the cheats for Halloween this year! First off the Party is really amazing! The music is really cool! Now, there’s 2 free items! The Halloween Trick O’ Treating basket which is located at the Snow Forts!

The music and effects this year own! Best Halloween Party yet :D ! Anyway’s now there’s the Scavenger Hunt! You have to find 8 candys! I will show you a guidelines of pictures and text in how to get it!

The First Candy Is Located At the Snow Forts! You must click the Blue Flag to get it!

The Second Candy is located at the Dance Lounge! It is a candy corn. Click The Lamp for it!

The 3rd Candy is a Lollipop! It is located at the Lodge Attic. Click The Blue Box To Get It!

The 4th candy is located at the Plaza! If you click to stew pot you will find it!

The 5th candy is located at the warning sign of the Cove! Click on the sign to get it!

The 6th candy is located at the Iceburg! You must click the Sky in able to get it. It will connect the dots!

The 7th candy is located at the Beacon! Wait for 3 flashes and you will get it!

Now our last 8th candy is located at the Book Room! It is on the book!

Now it will show you you have collected all candy! Click Claim Prize and you will get a Giant Pumpkin Backround! Also if you click the Candle below the Candy and your a member (must have Mad Science Test Suit) go in and get a FREE lantern! For members only though!

The room is ALL in Black & White! -Scareynewt42


Club Penguin 3rd Anniversary Cheats!

Hey! Club Penguin is having there 3rd anniversary party now! Sorry if I’m late on the post it’s just that I am grounded :( . Anyway’s this is one of Club Penguin’s best decortated Anniversarys yet! The new party hat is pretty darn cool! The town is amazing! So is the cake :D ! This year’s party hat is tricky!

1. You must click on the Fan right by the cake

2. It will turn out like this and just walk over to get the 3rd Year Party Hat!

Also, there’s an Ice Cream Apron too! It’s located near the Coffee Shop maker!

That is ALL located in the Coffee Shop! Now if you go upstairs check out the Yearbook! It is pretty neat! Amazing with all different kinds of facts! Now, there are features here they are!

Town: Click to Bomb Launcher

Coffee Shop: Turn on fan click magic hat or balls press Coffee sign and click the Puffle Tounge!

Also stay tuned for the Halloween Party! -Scareynewt42\


Storm Headed For Club Penguin!

Hey! If you go to the Cove and look through the Bionicualars you will see a storm coming to CP :( !! Hope this doesn’t interfear with the Halloween Party! Anyway’s here’s a peek at the storm!

Here’s the storm! Here how to use the Bionuculars!

1. Go To The Cove

2. Click On The Bionuculars Hanging From The Lightguard Stand

And, you should be able to see the Ocean! If you look long enough it will let you see different people doing different actions! Remember subscribe to my videos at http://youtube.com/user/newclubpenguincheats

New And Best Army Out There!

Hey! Visit my new Army site for ARMY updates with the newest and most atomic army the Daniel678 Ninja’s! Please visit us at pb100ninjas.wordpress.com ! Thanks! -Scareynewt42

Club Penguin Break..Into The Presidental World!

Hey! Here is a quick question! Who do you want for president? Vote here as many times!

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-Scareynewt42 (I really don’t enjoy any of these senators but I go for Mccain so far!)

Rockhopper Is Back & New Igloo And Furniture Catalog (SORRY FORGOT!)


Hey! Rockhopper is back! Anyway’s this times free item is: Eye Patch (old item)! This item is the first item Rockhopper gave out when you spotted em! Anyway’s for the Member’s:

Sea-Worthy Dress: 500 Coins (LIMITED ITEM)
Sea-Worthy Suit: 500 Coins (LIMITED ITEM)
Desert Island: 800 Coins (LIMITED FURNITURE ITEM)

Here is a picture of the Catalog:


Anyway’s the Game is still there, and also if you see Rockhopper Trackers those are not real! People just make them to get hits. Do not believe in them they do not work! Anyway’s have a:

Anyway’s the New Furniture and Igloo Catalog is out! The new Igloo’s are..

The Gym: 4800 Coins (OLD ITEM)
Jack O’ Lantern: 2700 Coins (LIMITED TIME OFFER!)

Also, there are new Carpets and returning ones!

Black Carpet: 530 Coins (NEW ITEM)
Black & White Tiles: 510 Coins (OLD ITEM)

Anyways there are the secert’s in the Catalogs same as the last time!

For The Secert Stone Igloo: 2000 Coins (OLD ITEM) click the Crowbar where it says Floor Removal Service:

For the Secert Deluxe Stone Igloo: 5000 Coins (OLD ITEM) you must go to the page with the Deluxe Snow Igloo on it and click on its door:

That’s all for the Igloo Catalog! Now for the Furniture Catalog! It is Halloween items mostly since this special event (Halloween) is coming!

Anyway’s the new items are:

Laboratory Desk: 700 Coins
Control Terminal: 800 Coins
Sesimograph: 450 Coins
Overhead Light: 380 Coins
Plasma Ball: 550 Coins
Pumpkin Lights: 100 Coins
Moving Eye Painting: 550 Coins
Ticket Booth: 580 Coins
Red Carpet: 200 Coins
Popcorn Machine: 1000 Coins
Velvet Rope: 150 Coins
Blue Curtain: 350 Coins
Pizza Oven: 850 Coins
Stainless Steel Stove: 700 Coins

Here are items that came back from Last Year’s halloween catalog!

Candelabra: 650 Coins
Pipe Organ: 1500 Coins
Jack O’ Lanterns: 250 EACH
Cauldroun: 630 Coins
Spiderweb: 75 Coins

Well that’s all! There are no secerts I know of so Comment if you think you know some I don’t! Sorry I forgot about these! -Scareynewt42

Suggestion? Free Membership?

Hey! I’ve been wondering! If this blog gets 14,000,000 hits by December 31, 2008 we will be raffling of..2 or more FREE 1 month memberships. Also, a party, and your penguins name or site on here! It will be huge! Lets work 600,000 hits out! -Scareynewt42