Club Penguin’s Rockhopper Getting Closer!

This Thursday along with the Fall Fair, Rockhopper will be docking his ship at the beach! And well, if you take a look at the telescope, he has came even closer! Take a look:

What are you most looking forward to, the Fall Fair or Rockhopper coming to the island?


Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 12 Cheats!

Today, a new Club Penguin Field-Op mission has been released. Here is a guide to complete the mission:

Click on your Spy Phone and teleport to the Command Room. Once you are there waddle over and click on the yellow screen.

Click on Accept Field Ops.

Club Penguin has dectected some strange readings from the Clock Tower… And its our job to make sure it’s safe to use!

Teleport to the Snow Forts and waddle over just next to the Clock Tower.

Now your EPF Spy Phone will start making a ‘beep, beep, beep’ noise and it will also start flashing green, Click on your EPF Spy Phone to start the mission!

You will have to beat a mini mission by powering up the chip sets!

Congratulations! You’ve completed the new Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 12!

Happy77 wants YOU to ask about Wii!

As you may know Club Penguin Game Day for Nintendo Wii comes out in September! Happy777 wants us to post comments on the whats new blog with questions on whatever you want to know about the new game and a few of the comments will get chosen and answered by some of the people who made the game!


Make sure you jump on the Club Penguin What’s New blog and ask your question! For all you no your question might just get chosen!

New Club Penguin Igloo Pin Cheat

Here is how to find the new Igloo Pin:

  1. Log into Club Penguin and open your Map.
  2. Select the Plaza.
  3. Go through the sewer tunnel Just oputside the Pet Shop
  4. Waddle over and pick up the igloo pin.

Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Preparations

As you know, the traditional Club Penguin Fall Fair is coming this September and today some of the party preperations are now at the Beach!

What do you think would make this Fall Fair the best one ever? Leave a comment and let us know! 🙂

Rockhopper Coming To Club Penguin

Some time early next month along with the Fall Fair, Rockhopper will be docking his ship at the beach! To see him coming go to the Beacon and look through the telescope and you will see him in the distance! Take a look:

Are you excited that Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin? Leave a comment and let us know!

Club Penguin Legacy 8-Pack

There is a new Club Penguin Legacy 8-Pack that is now available in stores and online! Included are an 8-pack collection of Mix ‘N Match 2″ vinyl figure penguin characters. Take a look:

Wow! Lot’s of great Club Penguin figures together! This is definitely going to be on many Club Penguin fans’ wish list!

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member