Christmas scarf

The Christmas scarf came back. You can find it in the ski village


Christmas pary

There are 3 free items

1. Bell at the plaza/beach

2. At the dock

3. Santa hat snow forts

The pin is at the lodge attic

We haven’t decided yet what we will do with this site… We might keep it


Unfortunately antras and me don’t have time to update the site. We wont delete the site because it has many hits.. we might sell it or give it to someone. I’ll post in 1-3 days our decision.

New catalogue

There are 3 secret items

1. swimm goggles

2. Red viking helmet

3. blue viking helmet

Open and close the red viking helmet 4 times

The pin is at the coffee shop

Yellow puffle

you can adopt a yellow party at the puffle shop

There are 2 new yellow furniture