New Club Penguin Igloo Music!

Today Club Penguin released three new songs for your igloo! Take a look:

The three new igloo songs are:

  • Quest for the Golden Puffle
  • Puffle Rescue: In the cave
  • In the tower
  • My favourite would have to be In The Tower! Which is your favourite?

    j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member,


    Club Penguin Membership Page Updated

    Today Club Penguin updated the membership on the Club Penguin website with all the latest events for May 2010! Take a look:

    The Events for May 2010 are:

  • Explore TWO Knight’s Quests – discover secrets, adventures and surprises!
  • Celebrate the Medieval Party with fashions fit for knights and dragons!
  • Create a medieval adventure in your igloo with new igloo designs and furniture!
  • Im mostly looking forward to the Medieval Party! What are you looking foward to most?

    j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member,

    New Medieval Login Screen

    Today Club Penguin released a new Medieval login screen because the Medieval Party is coming to Club Penguin on May 7th! Take a look:

    This year’s Club Penguin Medieval Party is said to be bigger and better then ever! I am so excited. Are you? Leave a comment and let me know.

    j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member,

    You Decide – Party Item!

    This week we have the choice to vote for an upcoming party item that will be coming in the next few month’s! The choices are Squid Lid, The Bucket and Old Boot. Take a look:

    My favourite is the Old Boot, Thats what im voting for! Which one are you going to vote for? Leave a comment and let me know!

    To vote for this upcoming party item, Click Here

    j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member,

    New Club Penguin Newspaper, Issue #237

    Page A2/A3 – New Penguin Style

    Starting May 7 find the latest medieval fashions in the Gift Shop. This month’s catalog features the perfect clothes for nights and princesses, kings and queens to wear on their adventures.

    Page A4/A5 – Medieval Party

    Calling all brave nights and princesses to ye grand party! Explorers are needed to travel the kingdom and find medieval adventures. There is much to discover, from ye olden Tree Forts to the wizard’s tower. So gather your buddies and get read y for this year’s Medieval Party!

    Upcoming Events:

    May 7 – Penguin Style
    May 14 – Penguin Mail
    May 14 –  Better Igloos
    May 14 – Igloo Upgrades

    j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member,

    Medieval Party Exclusive Sneak Peek

    On May 7 the annual Medieval Party will be coming to Club Penguin and i bet alot of you will be wondering what it will be like? Well here is a great sneak peek of what you might find:

    What do you think the medieval party will be like? Leave a comment and let us know!

    j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member,

    Club Penguin Reviewed By You

    Last week Billybob wanted to know what crazy plants you’d want grow if you had a garden, and Bubble192 said:

    I absolutely think it would be cool if you planted a flower that make the other plants around it grow and when it bloomed the the leaves tasted like ICE CREAM! then we wouldn’t have to use machines to eat ice cream. (But of course we couldn’t eat all of the plant). And if the stalk tasted like STEAK! Also, the roots would taste like…..Oh i know! APPLES!!!!!!

    Pretty cool huh? What crazy plants would you want grow if you had a garden? Leave  a comment and let us know!

    j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member,