Quick Updates On Club Penguin Cheats Sites

Hey Penguins,

I just wanted to let everyone know that i just got done moving CP club penguin cheats to a self hosted server! This means that it’s no longer on wordpress.com and i’ll be able to add a lot more stuff to the website that most club penguin cheats sites don’t have. Take my word, it’s a good thing!! You can check it out if you want by going to http://cpclubpenguin.org , it doesn’t look to different yet though.

I’m also trying to decide right now if i want to do the same thing with this website. At first i thought i’de merge it with NewClubPenguinCheats.com but now i think i might make it it’s own site with a new domain and everything. It’de still be the same site but just with more functions and add-ons that would be good for all the users.

Anyways i haven’t really decided yet and i still have a good amount of updating work in front of me before i decide on what i’m going to do with paintboy100’s club penguin cheats. ( when i say a lot of work i mean it, i have 300 comments i need to go through and approve for this site that are still sitting there so when i get a few hours i’ll be on it )

Also i’m working on my surprise club penguin/not club penguin project and it’s getting closer to being done as well.

Anyways just wanted to make a quick update and let everyone know what we’ve been doing in TeamPaintboy that’s been keeping us so busy.



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  1. Hey Paintboy100, I just wanted to let you know that Lil Maney was advertising in his posts. I also heard you gave him 3 chances but you gave me 1? Can you add me back? I wont advertise without your permission..

    Reply to me at limitedgenius@live.co.uk

  2. ur just mad the person who owned that site got it back. im gaining hits for paintboy and gaining hits for my self

  3. HAHAHHAHAHHAHA drigerbest nice try im going to warn paintboy to not add you because we all know ur gonna post porn or hack this site, WE ARE NOT DUMN DRIGERBEST


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