2 CP


New mission for secret agents!

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In the newspaper there is a secret. If you click on the top secret a secret message appears!

click in the red box and a massage apears!

this is the secret message!

The secret message says “attention all agents look in the hq on monday for a new mission”

What do you think of this secret club penguin message?!?!

New Stuff

Today there are many new stuff in CP (club Penguin). Now your puffle can take baths. There is a new pin and there is a member party in the dojo.

The new pin is in the lighthouse

Your puffle can now have baths if you pay 5 coins each time.

Here is a pic of the member party! In the party there is a free cape and the lime green colour for free!

new pin!

the new pin at the beach on the rocks!

november catalog

these are the secrets for the new catalog! if anyone knows more secrets post here!

black cowboy hat

blue scarf

ski googles

red viking helmet if you want the blue press on the red one 4 times!