There’s not a KEY!!!

Its not possible to enter rockhoppers room for now so stop asking “where is the key where is the key”. Its just another rumor. No one can find the key!

Here’s what Rockhopper left


Pirate’s Party sneek pic!!!

Here is a sneek pic of the pirate’s party!!!

In the newspaper there is something like a game without getting coins just to learn the ship. Here are the answers

Tommorow we will post all the free items, secrets etc…


Rockhopper’s ship upgrades!

Here are the secret furniture of aplil’s furniture catalog!

1.Throne “click on the word throne in the catalog”

-0For some reason i cant upload the picture-

2.Big screen tv

Also here is a sneek pic of rockhopper’s ship!!

Stage ready and New pin!!

The stage is ready! Its not that cool but its ok.

The new pin at the beacon

By Ntalia1

Stage in the lighthouse

April’s clothing Catalog secrets

Here are the secrets of the clothing catalog!

1. Click on the 3dglasses to get the blue cape

2. Red viking helmet. Open and close the red viking helmet 3 times and a blue one will appear!!!

When you collect all the eggs you get a prize! So find them all.

Egg1. lighthouse

Egg2. coffee shop

Egg3. mine shack

Egg4 pizza parlor

Egg5 cave

Egg6 town

Egg7 boiller room

Egg8 Beacon (telescope)

I will post the pictures of the eggs in a couple of minutes. I have a problem with cp right now

New clothing catalog tommorow!

Tommorow we will post the secerts of the clothing catalog and were are the eggs very early. Also we added a new page yestarday check it out. We will add another new page soon very soon!