A Possible Sneak Peak Of New Fall Fair Item?

I was checking out lilmaney’s blog and he spotted something i thought was pretty cool. It looks like it might be a sneak peak at one the items in the new fall fair catalog that is coming out. This is a picture of the new fall fair wallpaper.
New Fall Fair Hat
If you look at the pink penguin he’s wearing a black and blue joker style top hat. It reminds me of the kind of hats you can get at actual fairs and amusement parks, so it would make sense that it’s a new fall fair item from the new club penguin catalog.

Anyways i thought it was pretty interesting and wanted to let you all know about it if you hadn’t seen lilmaney’s post yet.

Have you found any other little sneak peaks or secrets hidden in club penguin lately. Let me know if you have by leaving a comment. If it’s cool i’ll make a post about it so everyone else can see it too!!


Do You Want A Free Membership And Your CP Video On This Website?!?!

club penguin video contest

Since the summer is coming to an end we thought it would be a good time to put on a new contest.  So we decided our new contest would be a club penguin video contest!!  All you have to do is make a club penguin video, it doesn’t matter if it’s a music video, a cheat video, a funny video, or anything else club penguin.  Basically it’s what ever you want it to be.

Here’s the best part, we’ll put EVERY video we get on our official youtube page so your guaranteed to get a ton of views. Most of our videos get over a thousand views in there first day!!!

So all you have to do is make a video and then send in an email to paintboy100@newclubpenguincheats.com .  When we get the video we’ll upload it to our official youtube channel ( you can give a description in the email too if you want a specific description on the video )

We think this is a pretty cool way to help our users penguins become more famous on club penguin. Oh yeah and the top 5 most viewed videos will be featured on THIS WEBSITE AND NEWCLUBPENGUINCHEATS.COM!!!!


Then everyone will have a chance to vote on the videos and the creator of the video with the most votes will win a FREE CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERSHIP CARD!!!!

So good luck to everyone!!!

New Koi Fish Pin & Snow Sports Catalog Cheats

Hey guys club penguin released the new august-september pin and snow sports catalog today.  The pin is a koi fish pin and you can find it in at the cove.

I looked through the snow sports catalog a couple times and there were NO cheats in it.  What is going on here CP lets get some hidden items in there.

Anyways here’s the video i made with where to find the new club penguin pin – the koi fish pin and also me looking through the august september 2009 snow sports catalog ( even though i couldnt find any cheats or secret hidden items in it )

Rockhopper Is On His Way Home & The Fall Fair Is Coming

club penguin fall fair
If you haven’t checked out the paper the fall fair is about to kick off!! The club penguin fall fair will start on september 4th and on until the 13th of september. That’s over a week of partying fun on club penguin!!

rockhoppers migrator spotted

Also it looks like rockhopper is going to come and join us for the party. Yes, The migrator was spotted out in the ocean and i’m pretty sure that he’ll be back to enjoy the festivities. Keep a lookout by checking our rockhopper tracker everyday. You can find it at our http://www.newclubpenguincheats.com website or in the sidebar of this website. I set it to scan every 30 seconds now instead of every 5 minutes because rockhopper should be back soon.

penguins that time forgot

Finally there looks like theres going to be another new play on club penguin starting on september 11th. It’s called the penguins that time forgot, and It looks like it’s about cave penguins!! Haha like cavemen but cave penguins instead. I don’t know, it looks like it could be pretty funny kinda like the gieco commercials, so easy a cavepenguin could do it.

Anyways be sure to check back tomorrow, now that we have control of our site again we’ll be posting the new snow and sports catalog and pin cheats for September.

Winner Of This Month’s Free CP Membership


Since our website got hacked we weren’t able to declare the winner of the newest free club penguin membership. Now that we have the site back we can!!!

This months winner is youtube user – MyClubPenguinCheats!!!!!!

I sent MyClubPenguinCheats a message on youtube and if he doesn’t respond in the next couple days i’ll do the drawing again.

Don’t feel bad though, we’re having another drawing for a free membership next week, so be sure to subscribe to our official youtube and twitter.

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Our Website Was Hacked Again!

Hey guys if you’ve been wondering why we haven’t been posting it’s because our website was hacked again and someone was trying to send people to their website.

This and http://www.newclubpenguincheats.com are the only websites we run so be aware of imitators. Well anyways, we’ll be fixing this problem and you’ll have the best website back in action once again.

P.S. we have a really cool surprise coming up soon and we’ll be announcing the winners of the free CP memberships later today.

Where you can find the new pin

You can find the new pin on the coffee shop