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New Club Penguin Halloween Clothing In Haunted House

Hey penguins,

Club Penguin released another new item for the halloween party and it’s free for all the members who go to the haunted house. It’s a scarecrow costume called the silly scarecrow suit. I wouldn’t really call this halloween item a suit though, it’s more like a scarecrow jacket but what ever, it works.

Picture 2

All you need to do to get the club penguin jacket is click on your map and go to the mine. Once you get to the mine head into the haunted house and walk up the stairs. You’ll see a box full of free scarecrow jackets or “silly scarecrow suits” haha. Then all you have to do is click on the box and you’ll get a halloween scarecrow costume for free.

Picture 3

I wonder why club penguin didn’t release this when they first started the club penguin halloween party? Maybe they wanted to release stuff over time and not all at once. Or maybe they planned on using it for the 2010 club penguin halloween party and then decided to use it for the 2009 club penguin halloween party instead?

Well it doesn’t really matter. It’s there now and everyone should go grab one before there gone since it’s free and kind of a cool reminder of the 2009 club penguin halloween party.


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