Snow?!? Hmm…

Hey! If you guys see Rockhopper’s are crazy. NONE of them work. Besides Wwe Adam’s. His is a real one because it is found by him or a Rockhopper Search Party. That’s the best one. Here are lists of sites with FAKE ROCKHOPPER TRACKERS.

Sites Removed From DMCA Because Of “Hatred Infrigment”.

None of them work. These people or EVERYBODY who does this scams you and gets hits. Down With RH Trackers. Here’s a quick poll.

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I go with the first one! Remember, you can vote as MANY times as you want! Now, if you guys have been to the Town there’s something that says “Snow” with other boxes. Here’s a picture.


I wonder what it is! I think it’s for the party. -Scareynewt42

(The People’s Site Names I posted are NOT LIERS. They just have fake Rockhopper Trackers. There are many others with Rockhopper Trackers just there unknown)



Hey! 14,000,000 HITS! Woah. 15,000,000 we need to accomplish. We NEED to get to 16,000,000 to be the HIGHEST hit blog ever! Thank You Guys so much! This calls for a party! I’ll make a invatation soon! Thanks ALL OF YOU GUYS for visiting! -Scareynewt42

Club Penguin Coins For Change, Rockhopper & Updates!

Rockhopper is finally here! Head into the Migrator through the beach.


The Migrator is decorated! He has brought rare items for sale.


Rockhopper has brought four items for purchase. Here are all of them.

  • Red Sailor Hat – Free Item
  • Coins For Change Banner – 500 Coins
  • Globe – 350 Coins
  • Green Parrot – 400 Coins

Treasure Hunt has been updated. You have to find candies now.


There are some other minor updates. Click the more button for them.

Thanks for reading the full post. There has been updated music and postcards.

Here is a picture I put together of all the new post cards combined.


Lastly, there is new igloo music. Check out the new songs.


That’s all of the club penguin cheats! How do you like the updates? I do!


Coins For Change & Christmas Spirit In Club Penguin!

Hey! A LOT of things are happening. Here’s to start it off!

Coins For Change:

Coins For Change is something very cool and helpful on Club Penguin. If you earn Coins on Club Penguin and you donate it to Coins For Change Club Penguin changes money into real money and DONATION! Here’s a banner of Coins For Change!


So start donating when it comes! Next,

Rockhopper’s Arivial: Rockhopper will be coming soon to Club Penguin (probably on friday).

Next,  is the new Play! Well, not new..old new. It came back from the Old One. It’s the “Quest For The Golden Puffle”.

(Credits To Toronto aka Chrisdog93 For Picture)

Lastly, is the new and improved Christmas Catalog! It’s for your igloo! Hopefully there’s a contest so get ready to beautify your igloo! It’s coming out soon!

Christmas Sneak Peek + Something Awesome!

Hey! This is like a day late but Club Penguin released a Club Penguin Sneak Peek! It’s really decorated! Hopefully this turns out to be the BEST Club Penguin Christmas party ever! Anyhow here it is!


(Credits To Chrisdog93 For The Picture)

That is the Coffee Shop I’m 100% sure. That’s all for the Christmas Peek! Anyway’s something prettty exciting! I got the book “The Ultimate OFFICAL Guide to Club Penguin”! I will be giving away codes. This will be good because hopefully this gets us closer to our goal 14,000,000 and it will be great for you guys! I will sooner or later make a page of codes I found! -Scareynewt42

Rockhoppers Arrival To Club Penguin!

Hey! Rockhopper has almost made landfall to Club Penguin! He has made a few seasonal changes to his awesome ship! Here’s a picture!


It’s pretty cool ain’t it? He’s gonna make landfall probably at Friday. Here’s where he is right now. (I found this picture on a secert SWF the new one)



So, anyways that’s all! Stay Tuned for more info on how to find Rockhopper. Also, guys ROCKHOPPER TRACKERS ARE NOT REAL. 100% FAKE. They scam you for hits so I wouldn’t trust em’. Pin Tracker they just update so don’t get fooled. Stay Tuned for the Rockhopper Cheats and How To Find Him ! -Scareynewt42

Why We Were Suspended!

Hey. We were suspended because we accidently posted that post on “How To Become A Member”. That was strictly aganist WordPress Terms Of Service. Anyway’s I’ll be posting about the Catalog right now. -Scareynewt42