Coins For Change & Christmas Spirit In Club Penguin!

Hey! A LOT of things are happening. Here’s to start it off!

Coins For Change:

Coins For Change is something very cool and helpful on Club Penguin. If you earn Coins on Club Penguin and you donate it to Coins For Change Club Penguin changes money into real money and DONATION! Here’s a banner of Coins For Change!


So start donating when it comes! Next,

Rockhopper’s Arivial: Rockhopper will be coming soon to Club Penguin (probably on friday).

Next,  is the new Play! Well, not new..old new. It came back from the Old One. It’s the “Quest For The Golden Puffle”.

(Credits To Toronto aka Chrisdog93 For Picture)

Lastly, is the new and improved Christmas Catalog! It’s for your igloo! Hopefully there’s a contest so get ready to beautify your igloo! It’s coming out soon!

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