Music Video!

Hey! I made a Music Video for a while just never uploaded this on my youtube. Hope you all enjoy and I uploaded this for a contest =).


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Penguin times + Mini Igloo Contest

Penguin Times and mini igloo contest

Hey, Here’s the high lights from today’s New’s Paper

Today we celerbrate 150 issues of the Cp times. ‘Yippee’.

The second additon of ‘History of Club Penguin’ Is out, the might want to mention ‘In August 2007, A big headed company trying to conqlyure the world bought Club Penguin, and yes the ruined it’ guess who i am talking about. This particuar additon of HOCP (history of club penguin) is mostly focused on ‘Rockhopper’ and ‘making friends’.

Finally!!! They’ve gone, phew. The lights were really annoying, and if u stand on the track for 2 mins penguin start shouting at you :( ,

Finally, the upcoming events…

Other News; Penguin Staduim.

The Ice rink has been re-placed by the ’soccer staduim’ for a few weeks.

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Igloo Competiton

Hey here’s a mini competition,

What do you have to do?

You have to design a really good igloo, of any theme. The take a screen shot, and send us the URl of your picture, or send it to Then if it looks good we will post it on the site

here’s my attempt, it’s not too good i know.

New Old Chat Box

Hey, today i tried to make a chat for this site, And as you proberly guessed, it didn’t work, so I used the chat box on my site on this site.

Music Video

I made this video a while ago, but i never got round t posting it, enjoy ;)

This club penguin cheats video got deleted so we had to remove it

oh well we have some more cool hacks and secrets videos on our club penguin site haha


Penguin Games 08′!

Hey! Sorry I couldn’t post early. Anyway’s there are 2 free items “Red & Blue Face Paint” It last’s threw 22-26. Well, want the free items first? Here we go! If your a red fan go to the Coffee Shop! (Also, I am a Blue Fan)

Just walk over it and it will ask you to take the Red Facepaint! Now, if your a Blue Fan go to the Pizza Parlor!

Just walk over it. Now there are 3 Marathons incase you didn’t see the Badge on the Upper Right side of your screen! There are 3 games. The Marathon, Three Lap Race, and Freestyle Swim! They are easy it’s just this. You go to the start line and a TV screen should say “3,2,1, GO!!”. After you go! You have to get every light and light it up.

That’s the Same for the 3 Lap Race. Here’s a tip, you do not HAVE to go on the Track all you need is the lights. The Pool thing you just go back and fourth 5 times. After you finish all the events, click Claim Prize and you get a medal!

Anyway’s that’s all! Tell me if I missed something! (Also visit for a FREE membership contest)! -Scareynewt42

Little Problem;

Ok, the comment contest is over, the winner, will recive an E-mail later this week with instrutions. But, The problem is, most of the comments turned out to be spam.

What should i do?

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If you choose for me to moderate the spam, that could take a while :(

Rockhopper Departs

Hey, Today, Rockhopper departed. Leave behind him a trail of Weird and wonderful funiture items, and a igloo, which isn’t too good (must be a another disney original ;) )

This is also i good time to make some funny pics for you site ;)