St. Patrick’s day 2007

There is a message in the hq board.

The free item is in the dock

The new pin is in the lodge attic. First move your mouse on the pod with gold and a small one will fall on the couch.

The new furniture came out today. The new catalog has many green items and 3 new plants. Also there are new songs

Igloo secrets

The secret stone igloo

The super secret delux igloo

The secret furniture are the same as the previous catalog.

(also our new email is



Here are the up comming events. Tomorrow antras will post the secrets, free items, where is the pin etc

Where to find Tales & Stories

Here’s wehre to find tales & stories, the club penguin book

Rockhopper and 2 free items

Today Rpckhopper landed in CP. He brought with him cool items. Search for rockhopper if you are lucky you will meet him.

Rockhopper’s catalog Free boots

Also there is a Free item in the book room (The upper floor of the coffee shop) Click on the red book

Next click on the blue one and go to the last page. Then click on the item.

An old item will come back

Rockhopper is in his way back.. He will land in cp tommorow.

The new newspaper is here. In the newspaper ot writes what will the new party will be. -Picture for the party-

A clue for what the free item/items is written in the paper. I think they are talking about the 4 leaf hat.

Waddle on till tommorow for the new post


New mission pic1

Hello Penguins!

Many of you have been asking about the next mission and when its coming out. Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact date yet, but hopefully I can at least show you what we’re working on. We decided that every week until it comes out, we will give you a new “behind the scenes” look at how it’s created.

For those of you who are agents, don’t worry, we won’t show anything that gives any secrets of the agency or its work. This is more of a fun way to see how some of these things look before they’re done.

I hope you enjoy it!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

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Bottle message

The bottle is here. You can read what is in the bottle in the beach. Just click on the bottle if you want to read the message

Tommorow the new clothing catalog will be launched. We will post the secrets tommorow