New Club Penguin July 2010 Clothing Catalog Sweet Cheats!

  1. Go to the 3rd page and click on the snow on the tip of the tree to get 3D Glasses.

   2. Go to the 3rd page and click on the Penguins foot to get the Acoustic Sunburst Guitar.

   3. Go to the 4th page and click on the 1st button on the speaker to get The Supernova Suit.

   4. Go to the 4th page and click on the 2nd button on the speaker to get the Rocker.

5. Go to the 4th page and click on the other speaker to get Blue Sunglasses.

   6.Go to the 5th page and click on the speaker to get the Purple Electric Bass.

   7.Go to the 5th page and click on the piano part to get the Red Sunglasses.

   8.Go to the 6th page and click on the Tiki to get the Trombone.

   9.Go to the 6th page and click on the penguins beak to get a Pink Polka-dot dress, Black Checkered Shoes, Spikester Cuff, and the Shock Wave.

   10. to the 9th page and click on tythe bubble to get a Viking helmet.

   11.Go to the 9th page and Click on and off the bubble four times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

   12.Go to the 10th page and click on the grapes to get the Duchess’ Dress and The Duchess.

13.Go to the 10th page and click on the leg of the table to get a Dragon Costume.

   14.Go to the 11th page and click on the bottom of the curtain to get a Emerald Dress and Beautiful Braid.

   15.Go to the 13th page and click on the middle stone to get a Green Hooded Cloak.

   16.Go to the 14th page and click on the pink square at the bottom to get Green Face Paint.

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New Club Penguin Candy Apple Pin

Here is how to find the new Club Penguin Apple Pin:

  1. Log into Club Penguin and open the map.
  2. Go to the Forest, and then click the boulder at the left, revealing a new entrance to the hidden lake.
  3. Waddle over and pick up the Apple Pin

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Club Penguin Member Events July 2010

Today Club Penguin updated the membership page with all the events for July 2010! take a look:

If you can not read them they are:

  • Get your all access pass inside exclusive rooms and the new Casa Field and Backstage.
  • Customize your band with instruments and outfits
  • Upgrade your exclusive EPF gear when you earn Field Ops medals.
  • Whch one are you most looking foward to? Leave a comment and let us know!

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    Club Penguin Times Issue #246

    Page A2/A3 – Music Jam 2010

    The island is starting to get noisy with penguins getting ready to party. Performers everywhere are getting ready to take the stage and the dance floors. Practice anywhere you can find! Music Jam kicks off july 9.

    Upcoming Events

    July 2 – Penguin Style
    July 9 – Penguin Mail
    July 9 – Music Jam
    July 16 – New Hidden Pin

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    Club Penguin Reviewed By You

    Hello Penguins, Last week, Billybob asked us what you thought the ultimate Field-Op would be. Chilli 2 said:

    “It’s a situation where Klutzy figured out a way to change all the blue signs with white arrows throughout the paths of Club Penguin. The arrows would be pointing to different directions, and many penguins would be lost in the wilderness. It would be an EPF Agent’s job to rescue the penguins, fix all the signs back to normal, and importantly save Rookie, who gets lost in a place full of marshmallows!”

    Thursday sees the launch of a new Penguin Style featuring some musical items. Do you have a favorite musical instrument to play? Leave a comment on the whats new blog and for all you know your comment might get chosen as the reviewed by you post on the blog next week!

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    Club Penguin Field-Ops Mission 3 Cheats!

    Today, a new Club Penguin Field-Op mission has been released. Here is a guide to complete the mission:

    Click on your spyphone and teleport to the Command Room. Once you are there waddle over and click on the yellow screen.

    Accept the Field Op and go to the Mine Caves. Now, waddle to the light bulb and wait until your Spy Gadget turns green…

    Now that your spyphone has turned green click it then click engage. You will have to destroy the circuits by matching the circuit symbols to overload the wiring.

    Well done, you have now completed the 3rd Field-Ops mission! What do you think, did you like this mission?

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    Club Penguin Community Garden Tree Grown Again!

    Hello Penguins, Yesterday the Island Adventure Party ended and Rockhopper left the island! In other news make sure you check out the community garden as the tree at the has once again grown even bigger!

    Pretty cool huh? Do you think the tree will get any bigger? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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