Some things

We are not modarators of club penguin

We cant ban or unban anyone

We are not hackers

We are not the creators of club penguin

We dont work for club penguin

This is our only site

We cant buy or hack (we dont know how hack) free membership for anyone


Friday news 15/12/2006

Today friday 15/12/2006 there are 3 new things

A.Yeah the new catalogue is here. in the catalog there are the snow furniture which were the rarest furniture. in the catalog i found two secret furniture

1. The Wood stove – 900 coins

2 The Big screen tv – 5000 coins

B.There is a very big tree in the plazza

C. In the dance lounge there is a box. in the box there is a new arcade game.

Christmas tree pin!

The new pin is in the newspaper and it costs only 50coins! click in any of the items in the red box and buy it!

then you will have the christmas tree pin!

We met rockhopper! 13/12/2006

We went to the ice berg server under america in the ice berg. There was Rockhopper!!  We were vey excited. We had a great time with him.

here is a pic ( real not fake)

when you click on the 1 (in the picture) rockhopper gives you an eyepatch

when you click on the 2 (in the picture) you go to Rockhoppers home his ship!

we are back in the business!

we finaly got unbanned!!!! We are unbanned!!!! Thank you so much Club Penguin!!! CP rockS!!! Thank you so much Spiked Mini for giving us the phone of cp us you are a true friend. And thx to all people who sent emails to cp support!