Club Penguin Cheats Information

Hey everyone,

If you need help find Rockhopper in December 2010 You can visit for his updated location at this very moment. Hopefully this helps you if you are wondering where is Rockhopper on club penguin right now!

If you haven’t noticed our new club penguin cheats site is where we do most of the updating. The new site is at and it’s like an upgraded version of this site. You can click here to check it out.

So if you are looking for the newest club penguin cheats, CP secrets, catalog cheats, guides, mission tutorials, hidden pins, and everything else club penguin including free club penguin membership giveaways and coin codes check out


Club Penguin Item Adder For 2015

Do you want any item from club penguin ever? Do you want to get the latest items for ZERO coins? Well then you need an item adder for club penguin.

Over the last couple years there have been a lot of updates on club penguin and one of the biggest ones is the launch of working club penguin item adders. Most of the item adders out there are NOT safe for you to use on your account BUT there are some that work really well.

We recommend the official item adder software from as it’s been tested by our writers and works great. We haven’t had any of our accounts banned and it runs seamlessly on even the oldest of computers. Trust us we tried it on a laptop from before club penguin was even a game…

Anyways if you have any tips or advice for using a club penguin item adder leave us a comment on this post and we’ll add it to the guide.

– Paintboy100

May 2011 Clothing Catalog Cheats – Club Penguin

Hey Penguins,

There is a new club penguin clothing catalog aka the penguin style catalog released today for May 2011 .  To help you all find all the hidden items we created this may 2011 clothing catalog cheats guide!

So all you need to do is watch the video and subscribe to our new youtube channel ( if you have the time) and hopefully this helps you out!

Well that’s all for this post and good luck with the new clothing items for club penguin!


New Domain For The Oldest CP Website In the World!!

Hey Everyone,

It’s paintboy100 and i finally made a move i’ve been thinking about doing for a long time now!  I added the domain to this website!  You might remember the domain from when it was used on but now its the domain for this website!

This also means i’m going to bring this website back and hopefully it will help all of you users out just like it did back in the old days!

Well thats all for this update, stay tuned for more club penguin cheats and updates coming soon!


Rockhopper Tracker December 2010

It’s true, Rockhopper is coming to club penguin for the Christmas party this week. To help you out we have made a Rockhopper Tracker for December 2010 that will help you find his location and where he is on club penguin.

The part is starting in the next couple of days and it looks like he should be here anytime now. Click on the picture below to visit the 100% accurate and working Rockhopper Tracker for December 2010.

In addition to the Rockhopper Tracker December 2010 also has more trackers for every famous penguin and even the famous puffle yarr! These all are able to find there location at any moment on club penguin all the way into January 2011 and beyond!

So be sure to keep your eye on for all of the updates and it should hopefully help you find him while he is visiting the island over the next couple weeks!

P.S. I’m also going to be giving away some free club penguin membership cards on over the christmas vacation so be sure to watch for that as well!


Coins For Change money Increase!

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here. Wow this site got abandoned xD. Well after noticing that, Im trying to keep it going. Well, For those of you who didn’t know, Coins for change is storing There Coins in the lighthouse…


Well because of all our kind donating, that money got BIGGER!

It Goes up through the beacon. Our goal is to get that pile to the spot that says “Goal” Ha ha.

 Have you been donating? I sure have been doing a lot! Any other thoughts? Comment, we love to hear from you guys

~Alex Bl 17- Team Paintboy100 member~

The Club Penguin Online Store Layout Updated!

Today the official Club Penguin online store has been updated! It is heaps easier to navigate through looks heaps better! There are also new categories on the store. They have added DVDs and Music with the books category. There is a new Home & Decor category and Arts & Collectibles too.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!