Rockhopper Tracker December 2010

It’s true, Rockhopper is coming to club penguin for the Christmas party this week. To help you out we have made a Rockhopper Tracker for December 2010 that will help you find his location and where he is on club penguin.

The part is starting in the next couple of days and it looks like he should be here anytime now. Click on the picture below to visit the 100% accurate and working Rockhopper Tracker for December 2010.

In addition to the Rockhopper Tracker December 2010 also has more trackers for every famous penguin and even the famous puffle yarr! These all are able to find there location at any moment on club penguin all the way into January 2011 and beyond!

So be sure to keep your eye on for all of the updates and it should hopefully help you find him while he is visiting the island over the next couple weeks!

P.S. I’m also going to be giving away some free club penguin membership cards on over the christmas vacation so be sure to watch for that as well!


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