New Club Penguin Times Issue #233

Page a2/a3 – April Fools Party

Welcome to the wackiest party of the year! It’s a silly celebration – where everything gets just a little bit strange. There have been some reports of trouble with doors, boxes everywhere, and places turning upside down.

Page 24/a5 – Penguin Play Awards

The ballots have been counted and the director’s chairs put away. The winning plays of this year’s Penguin Play Awards are:

Best Music: Quest For The Golden Puffle
Best Effects: Quest For The Golden Puffle
Best Set: Quest For The Golden Puffle
Best Costume: Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal
Best Play: Quest For The Golden Puffle

Upcoming Events:

Every Morning – Play Card-Jitsu
Every Afternoon – Play Card-Jitsu Fire
Every Evening – Wait For Signs…
At Noon – Drink Tea


If you would like to read the newspaper Click Here

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April 2010 Penguin Style Catalog – Clothing Cheats

Hey Penguins,

Club Penguin released the new club penguin style catalog for april 2010, a lot of you might know this catalog as the april 2010 clothing catalog. So here are all the club penguin style catalog cheats and secrets for the new penguin style clothing catalog. Including where to find all of the hidden clothes and clothing items.

Here’s the penguin style hidden item cheats guide:

1) First click on the map in the lower left hand corner of your screen

2) Click to go to the town

3) Head into the club penguin gift shop

4) Click on the penguin style catalog to open it up

*Now you are in the catalog and it’s time to find the hidden items*

5) Go to page 6 of the clothing catalog and click on the coffee cup for the red viking helmet

viking helmet

6) Next you need to keep clicking on the coffee cup 4 times and you will get the blue viking helmet

7) Now go to page 7 of the penguin style catalog and click on the pink floor tile for the green face paint

Picture 12 « Club Penguin Cheats

Next go to page 9 and click on the “G” in the penguins at work sign for the cocoa bunny costume

Picture 13 « Club Penguin Cheats

9) Next go to page 10 and click on the middle tree by the jackhammer for the cocoa bunny ears

Picture 14 « Club Penguin Cheats

10) Now stay on page 10 and click on the top foam cup on the table and you will get the club penguin top hat

Picture 16 « Club Penguin Cheats

11) Now go to page 11 and click on the front waterbottle from the table and you will get the Dazzling blue top hat

Picture 15 « Club Penguin Cheats

12) Now go to page 12 and click on the red light on top of the camera and you will get the Dazzling blue tux

Picture 17 « Club Penguin Cheats

13) Last but not least you get get some of the old hidden items from the penguin style catalog by click on the following spots

april 2010 penguin style « Club Penguin Cheats

Wow that’s a lot of cheats from club penguin for the April 2010 penguin style catalog. This is the most hidden clothing items i’ve seen in a long time so i’m pretty happy!

Hopefully you all enjoy the new hidden catalog and the CP april fools party as much as i do!!

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New Club Penguin Special Actions!

The new Penguin Style came out today right, well some of the items have special actions when you dance! Lets Check them out:

Green Hard Hat: If you wear the green hard hat and click on dance you will grow trees!

Water Suit 3000: If you wear the Water Suit 3000 and click dance you can use your hose and water, you can also do this with the fire fighter suit!

Green Face Paint: If you wear the green face paint and click wave your penguin will hold a sign saying Go Green!

Pretty cool huh? Leave a comment and let us know which action is your favourite?

April Fools Party Ultimate Guide

Happy April Fools everyone!

The April Fools Club Penguin party has kicked off and there are tons of new cheats so lets check them out:

If you would like to get the Red Propeller Hat then follow these instructions:

  1. Open your map
  2. Go to the Dock
  3. Throw Paintballs at the picture until the painting is complete
  4. A red propeller and a stand should appear to the right
  5. Go over and pick it up


1 04 2010 9 09 23 AM « Club Penguin Cheats

1 04 2010 9 12 05 AM « Club Penguin Cheats

This next bit is for Members only

To recieve the free King Jester Hat follow these steps:

  1. Go to the the Snowforts
  2. You will see a big door, Enter into it
  3. The rom should look like this

1 04 2010 9 17 25 AM « Club Penguin Cheats

     4. Walk over to the right and you will see the King jester hat on a stand

1 04 2010 9 18 44 AM « Club Penguin Cheats

1 04 2010 9 20 30 AM « Club Penguin Cheats

Thats about it for all the secrets and cheats, Leave a comment on what you think of this years April Fools Party

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Black Puffle Keyring

Black Puffle Keyring

There has been a new black Puffle released at the Disney online store. This keyring comes with one free coin code for you to unlock items online! Also this is very cheap it’s only 4.5 British pounds, $6.79 and 6.92 the Canadian Dollars!!!

Im definitely buying one, Are you? leave a comment and let us know

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Club Penguin Reviewed By You

Last week on the Club Penguin whats new blog Billybob wanted to know about the best party you’ve created and this is what Sparklydo said:

The best party I have ever had was a camping site right in my igloo! You  could steer a ship in the ocean,be on a deserted island,But did I  mention the ocean was full of sharks?You could even get lost in the  woods.There was lots more,but me and my buddies all had tons of fun!  Waddle on Club Penguin!

Remember the April Fools Party kicks off tomorrow so remember to check back here for the latest cheats!

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Easter Scavenger Hunt Sneak Peek

As you may know each year Club Penguin has its annual easter egg scavenger hunt. You must search the island and find all the hidden eggs! Once you find them all you recieve a free item. Some of you may be wondering what the free item will be this year. I am 99% sure that this years free item will be the bunny ears simply because every other year the free item was bunny ears! Take a look at the image below:

Pretty cool huh? What colour do you think the bunny ears will be this year? Leave a comment and let us know.

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