Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force

Hey guys, this is a guide of how to play Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force on your computer for free!

Download one of these 2 (Doesnt Matter which)

Sorry guys we had to remove the links because of wordpress TOS

Also, here are the controls of the club penguin elite penguin force!

If you want, use this guide for your site aswell:) Copy and paste it! Just add by at the end of the post!


Auction will be delayed for a week!

Sorry guys, but i dont have the time to make the auction now, since i have exams this friday and i have to study hard. The aucion will be made in a week (27/5/2009)
Also send me your offers here , since i still havent decided the starter price for the auction!

Dont forget to write your offer in $ and how you are going to pay and your Club Penguin experiance!

Note! If i like an offer i might not even make the auction!

Paintboy100 Club Penguin Cheats Site Back In Action

Paintboy100’s club penguin cheats website is back in action.

By the way you should check out our new club penguin cheats website at

Hey guys and sorry!

Hey, this is the real paintboy100 (You can see the picture of my penguin just to be sure)

I couldnt see what antras said and antras couldnt see what i said, (filters) so we had to take 2 screens and merge them. The prob is that our monitors have different resolutions, so i seem taller.

This site got hacked by someone, maybe the guy who owns the site which he posted but anyway.
All the posts of this site have been deleted by the hacker, and he posted some posts which i of course deleted. I will contact wordpress support just to investigate the case, ban or delete the site that hacked us and if its possible to retreive all posts.
The hacker hacked one of our authors wordpress acount, so the hacker was able to delete/add posts. Just to be sure though i removed all editos and admins (inc antras).

Also, many people asked.. this is our only blog!!! We dont post on any other sites
Actually, we have other sites, but not Club Penguin related(Examples)
Paintboy100’s tvshows blog (Click on the banner)
watch Free TVShows!!
Antras flickr (All photos taken by Antras) click here
Antras best friend (Lemon) visit his site and store:)

What will happend to this blog? Me and antras will talk about it and we will tell you what we decided later!

find cheats here

This page used to be a spam page used by the hackers who we are planning on contacting and pursuing with legal actions.

Heres a real club penguin cheats site to check out CP Hacks

Club Penguin Secret Agent & Tour Guide Post Cards

Secret agents and tour guides who have been helping out on Club Penguin will now be receiving coins for working hard. All secret agents and tour guides should have already received 250 coins and a post card from Club Penguin.

Secret agents will receive 250 coins and a post card from Club Penguin for helping to keep Club Penguin safe.


Tour guides will receive 250 coins and a post card from Club Penguin for giving tours.


Be sure to do missions and give tours around Club Penguin to earn more money!

Club Penguin Cheats

Home of Club Penguin Cheats, Event and Update Cheats, Secrets, Hints, Tips, Glitches, and More Exclusives.

The content on this cp page need to be deleted, thanks for understanding guys