Sport shop catalog

Now the catalog in the sport shop is different than the gift shop. In the new catalog there are amazing items and some surf boards

Secret silver wake board. There is one secret board in the catalog. Click on the penguin who holds the board until the board he holds becomes pink with flowers (the board he holds in the picture). Then click on the circled things (shell and starfish) in the picture.

You can use the surf boards at ballistic biscuit + catching waves

The new baseball ball pin is located at the boiling room


Camping Party

There is 1 free item at the Cove

free item at cove

The new pin is at the mine

Rockhopper came back with amazing items

Also Rockhopper left some boxes in the lighthouse. Strange?!?

There is a new igloo

New clothing catalog + pin

In the catalog there are 4 Secret items

Swim Googles

Red Viking Helmet

Blue Viking helmet : Open and close the red viking helmet 3-4 times.

Red electric guitar

There might be more secret items. When i find them i will post them

The butterfly pin is located at the forest

Alert for secret agents

Alert for secret agent

Tomorrow i will post the clothing catalog secrets and were is the new pin

Another Sneak Peek

Here is an other sneak peek of the 4th mission