Full water dojo sneak peak!

Hey guys, I found some really exclusive water dojo sneak peak! I know  Alex bl posted about this but I have a few more pictures! I really like it becuase its blue!

I think card-jitsu water will be the best but as its christmas I think club penguin should have done card-jitsu snow!

~brwoers~ 😉


Card jitsu water sneek peek!

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 posting! I found an swf to an upcoming game, Card jitsu WATER! here is a picture i found in an swf file:
Cool huh? on the whats new page, It says that there will be a possibility of a new puffle! Remember when there were black ones for card jitsu fire? Maybe there will be a new puffle to represent card-jitsu water! Well everyone, thats all!

~Alex BL 17~

Christmas part over, And Rockhopper gone!

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here! The club penguin christmas party is now gone, as well as rockhopper! I actually discovered a mistake! they put the frnch word for migrator on the back! it says “migrateur” instead!

there is also a glitch at the icberg- the decorations from the holiday party are still there too! 😆 Well everyone, thats all!

~Alex Bl 17~

Holiday party extended?

Hey guys, Alex Bl 17 here! As most of us probably know, It is the 29th of December. As far as I knew, the holiday party was supposed to end 2 days ago! Here is a picture I took of the old newspaper:

I think that Club penguin extended it, but havent made the annoucement yet. Do you think differently? comment what you think.

~Alex Bl 17~

Epf could be comming to Club Penguin

Hi guys, Check what I found! I think this is a really exclusive pictures! Epf could be comming to club penguin. Check out the pictures! Do not copy or your site may be shut down 😉

Looks cool, doesnt it! I think we may be able to become EPF agents on club penguin and earn badges and rankings! 😀

I found a silver and gold badge. Also I think I have an ice badge pictures! I cant wait for these to come to cp! This my be fake but if you remeber the robot peices scattered around club penguin where in and EPF mission so could that be a link to each other???


Drop a comment 😉

Check Out The New Paintboy100 Widgets Site

Hey Penguins,

I just wanted to announce that we just launched our new Club Penguin Widgets Site at ClubPenguinWidgets.com !!

I spent a lot of time trying to make the best club penguin widgets site ever with tons of widgets that you can’t get anywhere else.

We Also updated all our club penguin trackers so now there able to track the actual server and room the famous penguins are on!!

Another cool thing we added to our widgets site is 4 to 5 sizes for every widget so you’re always able to get a custom fit with the widget for your site.

So be sure to check out the new club penguin widgets site and get yourself some widgets to help make your club penguin site for professional and popular today!!

Club Penguin Style Catalog January 2010 Item Spoiler!

As you may now that the new style catalogue is coming january 1st and i just managed to get a exclusive sneak peek of what one of the items will be! Take a look:

It’s a Green Shirt with a Blue Disco ball. It looks like the theme in this catalog might be music. If not music, Possibly just tons of random new stuff! I’m really excited to see what else appears in the catalog! Will you buy this shirt when it comes out next week?