NEW! Club Penguin Night Club Disco Party Feature & How to get it!

Hello Penguins

Club Penguin has updated the night club with a new feature! When you you go to the night club you will see that it appears to be the same as always:

Once more penguins arrive, the Night Club will soon enter Party Mode! After 15-20 Penguins arrive to the room, The Night Club transforms into a Disco Party! Cool, Right? Check it out below:

This disco feature is really cool huh! When the Night Club goes into party Mode you see all kinds of cool changes such as : Dance Floor Colors, Flashing Lights, Disco Balls, and Mini Spot Lights. 

What do you think about this new feature??


Club Penguin Secret Speaker Pin – 2010

The new club penguin secret pin was released today on january 29 2010 and it’s the speaker pin.

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to find the 2010 pin

First Go To The Plaza

Second Go To The Pet Shop

Third Go Towards The Back By The Puffles And You’ll See It On Top Of The Boxes

The 2010 Speaker Pin

hopefully that helps everyone find the January 2010 pin on club penguin

New Cave scavenger hunt!

Hey everyone,  Alex BL 17 posting! There is the new update in the mine, and I would be more than happy to show it to you! Well first, You can either go to the mine, or click the signs either in the town or plaza.


When you arrive at the mine, Y0u may notice a small box. It has some hard hats! Remember to pick one up!

Now enter the cave, where you may begin the scavenger hunt! Here are the directions:

You must drill in one of these places:

you will collect pices to a pin then:

Then finally, claim your prize-

Now you can enter the cave to the right! Enter there, and there is another cave!remember to pick up your divers suit! Then you can enter, Underwater!! Take a look at this pic:

Now that you are underwater, receive the background on the ground:

Remember to try the snowball powered lights in the cave- Well then everyone, Thats all!

~Alex BL 17~

Club penguin times issue #223

Hey everyone, Alex BL 17 here! Club penguin released us the new newspaper! if you plan on reading it here it is- It even has more on the rockslide, and a secret cave…

I Wish there were more events coming tomorrow, dont ya think? Normally there is more than one. anyway, I still cant wait to see inside the rockslide! Can YOu? Please comment your thoughts!

~Alex Bl 17~


New Sneak peek- Inside the rock slide!

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here! Club penguin released a new sneak peek for whats going to be here when the rock slide clears away! Check it out:

Very cool! It looks like some kind of machine- thingerr- mo bobber. I have no clue! What do you think? Please comment your thoughts- We would love to know!

~Alex BL 17~

New pin, Igloo upgrades, better igloos, AND rock slide OPENING UP?

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here! Club penguin has the friday updates ready, And I am here to post them. So lets start with the new pin. It is located at the iceberg. Its a puffer fish.

Now, Lets take a look at the new better igloos catalog. It has some “solid stuff in there. Sha’ll we take a look?

Very cool! Now lets take a look at the new igloo!

Now finally, The Rocks in club penguin are beggining to fall! Here is what its like:

Well, The box dimension is coming back- Its one of the cheats. Maybe it has somethign tot do witht he rocks lide? Please comment your thoughts!

~Alex Bl 17~

Club penguin times issue #222

Hey everyone, Alex Bl 17 here! Club penguin has the new newspaper here for us, and here it is. Sorry it was late, There are 2 reasons I didnt post earlier. One, because I wanted others to have a chance to post (I have been posting a lot) And two, i have the stomach flu.

Thats all then!

~Alex Bl 17~