This page was about the club penguin st patricks day party and the new lucky coin pin on club penguin.  This page was lost though and we can’t find a back up for it so we’re sorry but it’s going to be left blank.

You can find more cheats and guides on all the other pages on this site


Well done

This page was just a thank you page for this club penguin site

It was deleted when the site was hacked but it’s alright

We can live with out this cheat page haha

Self Hosted – Domain!

Hey! WordPress is excellent over the years but I think I am now gonna move out on a self hosted blog! With a domain name of or if I can take the spam site over it will be ! This could not be possible without 2 people! RancidKraut and  Andyh2 ! I will not be expecting this done for about 2 months! Keep coming back on this site for updates and help us get 15,000,000! -Scareynewt42

White Puffles Announced!

Hey! The Mysterious White Puffle mystery is over as Billybob and the Club Penguin team announced the White Puffle will be avaliable to members on Friday ! Here’s a picture of these mysterious White Puffles!


In my opinoin Club Penguin has been releasing new puffles pretty fast! Anyways stay tuned for more info! -Scareynewt42

Another Fake Beta Spotting & Puffle Cheat!!

Hey! Well, I was on Club Penguin adding some people from the XAT chat ( and I saw another FAKE beta at Sleet Dock. Here is his picture. It’s Enzo!


Also I have found a really neat Puffle Cheat that will be added to the page! Follow These Steps!

How To Walk Your Puffle Without Using It’s Energy:

1. Give your puffle a bath

2. Feed Your Puffle

3. Click Your Puffles Card Really Fast While It’s Feeding and Click the walk button

4. Walk it around and when you want to put it away in your igloo put him away then check his status and a little should be gone (WAY MORE LESS THEN USUAL!



Monkeydude! Stay tuned for more! -Scareynewt42

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