Free Codes! The Ultimate Offical Guide Of Club Penguin Codes – Club Penguin Stowaway Codes!!

Hey! Me and My friend have found lots of Club Penguin codes for you guys! Here they are!

The Offical Guide Of Club Penguin Codes:

Page 9- Sometimes

Page 35- Misses

Page 38- Scavenger

Page 40- Examples

Page 62- Picture

Page 63- How

Page 64- Fishing

Page 65- Storage

Page 71- Seats

Page 71- Musical

Page 73- Search

Page 75- Tossing

Page 77- Buying

Page 101- Donated

Page 117- Jerseys

Page 118- Squads

Page 140- Breeze

Page 141- Combined

Page 143- Secret

Page 154- Arena

Page 155- Queen

Page 156- Small

Page 169- Start

Page 171- Annual

Page 175- Crown

Page 176- Item

Page 179- Penguins

Page 182- Actions

Your Welcome Lol. Anyway’s here’s the Next Book!

The Club Penguin Stowaway Codes:

Page 6- Mysterious

Page 7- Rockhopper

Page 21- Migrator

Page 25- Yarr

Page 40- Waterfall

Page 52- Deck

Page 80- Penguin

Page 177- Puffle

Anyway’s those are all the codes I know! I will soon add a page for em (If I find more)! -Scareynewt42


Treasure Chest – Updates

Hey! On December 5th 2008 Club Penguin will be updating thier Catalog with seasonal changes for Christmas. Anyway’s that’s all! -Scareynewt42

Sheev’s Videos!

Hey! One of my friends who inspired my name (first penguin name) called “Sheevmister” has made a User Show. He’s my neighbor even though he’s younger. So, he did me a favor and he asked if you guys could help his show become popular. I agree. So please go to his Channel and Friend Him and Subscribe to him! Click Here to do that! Anyway’s here’s his Introduction Video.

Well, hope you guys enjoy! He will make more videos and I’ll post them! -Scareynewt42

How Black Friday Went & New Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats!

Hey! Today is Black Friday! Sales were crazy! My family got (for all of us) A Labtop (Toshiba), 2 Black Ipod Nano’s, A HP Color Printer, A Brand New Kodak Camera, A Sony DVD Player, and A Video Camera (To Record). It cost us 2,300$! That’s a LOT! Anyway’s did I ever tell you guys I won a Viking Penguin? Well I did! Hah. It’s really cool. So how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I sure had a good one! So back to topic. Here’s the cover:


There are new items for the members so be sure to check em’ out! The Silver Surfboard cheat is still the same! There’s 1 new cheat! It’s for the Furniture Part of the Catalog.

Pummel Horse : 220 Coins


You have to click the “N” in Furniture. Well, that’s really it! Here’s a picture of my Viking Penguin right infront of this post lol.


Well, thats all! -Scareynewt42

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Everybody! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I really have been into this one game called “Gears Of War 2″ on the Xbox360. It’s a whole bunch of fun but if you buy that make sure you have you parents approval! This game is rated Mature! Anyways I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure to enjoy those turkeys! Also, have fun with your cousins and others! I will not be posting tonight or tommorow early morning because I will be at a special event called “Black Friday”. It’s all around the U.S so make sure to go to stores and wait at like 4:00 AM! -Scareynewt42


Lol. I was on my BRAND NEW Iphone and I posted this. Lol

New Furniture And Stage Catalog Secrets

Hey everyone! Coldy Guy here! Well, there is a lot of stuff to post today. Let’s start with the New Furniture Catalog.

Well, the New Furniture Catalog has come out and it is awesome! Here are the cheats. Sadly, there are only 3 cheats.

1) Leaning Tree


2) Welcome Mat



3) Music Stand


If you find anymore, tell me and I will put the cheat up on this site!

Lets move on to the New Stage. The New Stage is called Fairy Fables! It is a little girly but whatever. Lol!


Well, the New Stage still looks awesome even though it is a little girly. Check it out!


Remember to check out the New Stage catalog with all newly-released items! Here are all the pictures of the newly-released items.




Here is a cheat in the New Stage Catalog.

1) Sliver Wand


There is also a New Backround! Again, this backround is a little girly. It is a Fairy Fables Backround!


Now, let’s move on to the New Pin! The New Pin is located at the Beach. It is a Snowflake Tile Pin!


Well, thats all for now! Thanks Coldyguy for the Post!