Halloween party

The pin is at the underground pool. You have to wait till the spider comes all the way down and then click to go near the spider. It’s kinda tricky

Firstly to begin the hunt you need the Pumpkin Basket witch is at the snow forts

The 1st candy is at the pizza parol

The 2nd candy is at the coffee shop

The 3rd candy is at the forest

The 4th candy is at the Beacon

The 5th candy is at the ski lodge

The 6th candy is at the dance club click on the puffle and then answer the question. The answer s “Happy Halloween”

The 7th candy is at the mountain

The 8th candy is at the cove

I will post the picture in about an hour.


Sneak Peek & 2nd Anniversary party

Here is another sneak peek of the Halloween party

Dont forget to check out the coffee shop today. The 2nd anniversary party is going to take place there ONLY for TODAY. So dont forget to go there and take the free item.

Also there is one new book in the library

new igloo & secrets

there is a new igloo

Secret items

1) Candelabra


3) Pipe organ

Halloween sneak peak

Here is an other sneak peak of the upcoming party

Hair Update

There is a new hair catalog in the gift shop

The new pin is at the pet shop near the puffle o’s

Pics coming soon

Halloween catalog

Here are the secrets

1. Fairy wings

2. Red Viking helmet.

3. Blue viking helmet. Open and close the redvikig helmet 3-4 times

4. Swim goggles

5. Red guitar

Halloween seek peek

Here is a seek peek of the upcoming party