site is back :D

hey guys tony is talking antras and paintboy100 added us as authors we will continue this site with the lastest news my penguin is Nikolasboy 1 i will be happy to add u cuz i am not full now i was full but i deleted some ppl


thx antras and paintboy100 for adding us as authors;)


new events

hey guys tony here

today the new newspaper was out

here is an animation of it

also billybob did a new post at cpip

here it is

Hello Penguins!

I mentioned last week that we have been working hard on fixing some bugs and listening to your comments.  As a result, we’ve made some changes…
The first change was with the new player card.  We heard a lot of great feedback after our last post about the player card and one major concern was not having a quick view when putting your outfits together. So we went back to the drawing board and fixed it. Here’s a design of what it will look like.
player card a.jpg
player card 3a.jpg
We wanted to make sure you could still sort all your items by category (like the current furniture inventory) but also view everything together. And it was really important to make sure you could view the items on your penguin as soon as you selected them.
The new design definitely allows for that, and we kept the ‘clear outfit’ button!
I heard today that the team hopes to have the features ready to launch in a couple weeks. You know what that means! As soon as they launch, and you have a chance to check them out be sure to let us know how it all works!
Until then…waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team
I think is better that way :)
~Tony aka Nikolasboy 1
cya ;)

New Authors KICKED~~~!!!

Our two new authors have benn kicked from the site since antreas asked us for our passwords. We said no many times but Antreas(one of the new authors) continued to beg. Anw we will find some good authors some day:)

ps We are not banned, we just dont have the time to post etc. We still play cp once or twice a week for about 10 mins in different servers thats why you cant find us. cyaaa:P

ps 2 We are looking for 1-2 new authors. To be choosen us an author just send us email with your name experiance with cp and wordpress. Dont say stuff like omggg u dudz rox so badddddd plzzzz lemme be an authorrr i beggg you etc. Dont ask for passwords dont ask stupid things dont spam etc since that email was just created to find the authors. The email is . in 03/8/2008 we will tell you who we make authors if we find any ofc:).


Hello everyone! The site of Paintboy and Antras is back! My name is Andreas and Paintboy added me here as author! But Paintboy added my good friend Tony as author, too and we will start fixing the site and making new posts about Club Penguin! My main penguin is Andreasmich and Tony’s main penguin is Nikolasboy 1. You will mostly see us on those penguins, but in a few days we will tell you our other penguins. We will hanging on the servers Mammoth, Frozen and the new hangout server Ice Land, Cove! That’s all for now!!!!! We will start posting soon about everything happening on Club Penguin! Cya!