New Authors KICKED~~~!!!

Our two new authors have benn kicked from the site since antreas asked us for our passwords. We said no many times but Antreas(one of the new authors) continued to beg. Anw we will find some good authors some day:)

ps We are not banned, we just dont have the time to post etc. We still play cp once or twice a week for about 10 mins in different servers thats why you cant find us. cyaaa:P

ps 2 We are looking for 1-2 new authors. To be choosen us an author just send us email with your name experiance with cp and wordpress. Dont say stuff like omggg u dudz rox so badddddd plzzzz lemme be an authorrr i beggg you etc. Dont ask for passwords dont ask stupid things dont spam etc since that email was just created to find the authors. The email is . in 03/8/2008 we will tell you who we make authors if we find any ofc:).

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