Snow?!? Hmm…

Hey! If you guys see Rockhopper’s are crazy. NONE of them work. Besides Wwe Adam’s. His is a real one because it is found by him or a Rockhopper Search Party. That’s the best one. Here are lists of sites with FAKE ROCKHOPPER TRACKERS.

Sites Removed From DMCA Because Of “Hatred Infrigment”.

None of them work. These people or EVERYBODY who does this scams you and gets hits. Down With RH Trackers. Here’s a quick poll.

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I go with the first one! Remember, you can vote as MANY times as you want! Now, if you guys have been to the Town there’s something that says “Snow” with other boxes. Here’s a picture.


I wonder what it is! I think it’s for the party. -Scareynewt42

(The People’s Site Names I posted are NOT LIERS. They just have fake Rockhopper Trackers. There are many others with Rockhopper Trackers just there unknown)

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