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Hey Penguins,

*If you don’t want to read everything below this all you have to do to register for your chance to win the free club penguin memberships and coin codes is Click Here To Enter The Free Club Penguin Membership Contest *


As a lot of people know who use this club penguin cheats site, I try to give away as many club penguin memberships and prizes as i can. One of the problems i have in giving away free club penguin memberships is that it’s hard to randomly pick someone from a list of over a 1000 people. ( if i’m giving away a free club penguin membership to one of my youtube subscribers for example)

But i finally found a way that i can give away club penguin memberships and club penguin coin codes and everything else. I set up a list program that anyone can sign up for and then i can randomly select someone from the list. Also using this program i can send you exclusive information before anyone else sees it. Even before it’s posted on one of my club penguin cheats blogs.

The best thing about it though is that it’s 100% free for all of you. Anyone can sign up and it only takes like 30 seconds. All you need to do is fill out the two boxes with your name or username and then fill out the other box with your email. ( Use your real email because i’m going to contact the winners of the free memberships and coin codes using the email they sign up with )

After you sign up you will automatically get an email from me asking you to verify that it’s your actual email ( so that i’m not sending membership codes and coin codes to fake emails and wasting them ). You need to go into your email and then click the link in the email verifying it’s your email address. That’s It!!!

Then you’ll be automatically entered in EVERY free club penguin membership, coin code, or any other prize contest i put on. You’ll also get some exclusive news and you’ll be the first to know when we’re about to release something big ( P.S. i’ve been working on a BIG project that i think everyone will want to be a part of )

Enough of the talk, Click Here
to sign up to be entered in all the contests and get exclusive TeamPaintboy news



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  2. pick me i wanna be a member so bad!!!!!!

  3. Please make help make me a member!!!!!!!!!

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