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Club Penguin Halloween Hunt Cheats – Scavenger Candy Secrets

Hey Penguins,

Club Penguin has released the new CP Halloween scavenger hunt and hidden items so here’s the list of all the new club penguin Halloween cheats right. The best thing of the whole halloween party is the scavenger hunt so we’ll start with that.

Paintboy100’s Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt Cheats & Secrets:

Picture 3

First you need to Click on the Jack o lantern pumpkin in the top right of your screen to start the halloween scavenger hunt.


Next go to the Lodge Attic & you’ll see a jack o lantern pumpkin in the back left of the room in between the 2 couches.


Then head to the dock and click on the halloween Pumpkin in the back right.


Now head to town and into the pet shop. Once there click on the chandelier .


Next head to the Cove & then click on the book that you see on the billboard.


Now Head to the pool and you’ll see a jack o lantern hanging from the ceiling, click on it too.


Now head over to the soccer field and and you can click on the fields light thats on the right side.


Next you need to head to the forest and click on the shaking bushes in the back middle.


Finally head over to the mine & you need to click on the slime pit on the right side of the screen towards the front.


That’s all you have to do and you just beat the club penguin Halloween candy scavenger hunt. Your prize for beating the Halloween scavenger hunt is a new exclusive cp background, the jack-o-lanterns-background!!


I’ll be adding more cheats, pictures, and a some scavenger hunt and cheat tutorial videos ASAP. Stay Tuned…


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