Club Penguin Halloween Party Secrets & Cheats

Hey Penguins,

Here’s some more club penguin halloween party cheats and secrets for you guys. This covers just about everything you would want to know about the 2009 club penguin halloween party. Including the hidden items, the free items, tours of the locked member locations, and the monster catalog.

First off the first free item you can get is in the plaza.
Picture 6

It’s a hat that’s kinda weird with the stringy things coming out of it but i dont know, maybe you’ll like it. At least it will remind you of the 2009 halloween party on club penguin haha.

For the next hidden item you need to head to the mine and go into the haunted house. The club penguin haunted house is actually pretty cool i think. To get the hidden free item you need to go up the stairs and you’ll see a box full of jack-o-lantern masks.

Picture 7

This is a pretty cool item but i think it’d be pretty messed up if a ton of penguins were all walking around with jack-o-lantern masks on. There kinda freaky looking and a mob of penguins coming at you wearing them probably wouldn’t be the best thing your penguins ever experienced.

The next thing you’ll want to do is go out of the mansion and head over to the underground halloween party. You can get there by going through the wooden entrance on the right side of the lawn.

Picture 10

Once inside you need to click on the glowing lantern hanging from the ceiling. When you do a secret entrance will open up and you can go into the the secret halloween lab and have some fun.


If you click on the For Sale sign on the wall in the secret halloween lab you’ll be able to buy items from the monster catalog or technically the monster maker catalog. There’s actually a couple cool items in the catalog and the costumes could be pretty fun to use in like the middle of July when no one is expecting it. Imagine a giant furry chicken walking into the pizza parlor in the middle of the summer…

I think that’de be funny haha.

That’s really all there is for the new club penguin halloween party secrets and cheats. If you find anything else cool let me know and i’ll update the post and add it in there.



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