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Club Penguin Medieval Party Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins, Today i found a sneak peek for the New Medieval Party coming May 7! Check it out:

Pretty cool huh? I can’t wait for the medieval party! Can you? leave a comment and let me know

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member

32 Responses

  1. assassins creed 2

  2. AWESOME! oh by the way, can you tell me how to put widgets & trackers on my wordpress site?

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  4. Please visit my site here http://thecppowerwarriors.wordpress.com/


  6. it is so cool really

  7. cooldude knows too its cool

  8. i know j0sh95

  9. i can do it

  10. o u nice!

  11. i’ll do the risk

  12. Hey guys,
    I was just wondering what server do you use most often? I haven’t played Club Penguin in about a year and no one goes on Frozen anymore:( Please let me know!

  13. cool do u know the free item i am a member and if there is a member item i wanna hear it!;)

  14. i joined cp just for fun just after the medievil party ended last year so i really wanna see what its like

  15. hi paintboy update http://cpclubpenguin.org/ its becoming rubbish i wish chinsetakout was still there coz you never update it ill update it thow so please make me a admin my email is robboi1996@gmail.com

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  17. There is obviously a lot to learn about this. There were some pretty good points.

  18. I love medieval. Knights and kings their all pretty cool. I am going to get everything possible in the catalog. I can’t wait for it!

  19. everyone should go check out TOOTSVILLE.COM! you can play tons of cool games and chat with all your friends!not to mention its totally free!

  20. plz go to clubpenguincheats112.webs.com

  21. where did you get that?

  22. can non meambers come too it looks so cool

  23. i know i cant wait for the party.

  24. cool

    i love this party

  25. do you need to be a member to go to the party?

  26. hi im sorry this doesnt relate to the posts but im giving my account away as ive got bored of cp.
    Username: injj
    Password: team10

  27. i am sooooooooo bored help me plz i need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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