New Better Igloo Catalog Cheats – Club Penguin Secrets

Club Penguin just posted the new better igloo catalog and we just got done collecting all the club penguin cheats for the new december 2009 better igloo catalog.

Here’s how to find all the secret items in the cp furniture catalog:

The New Club Penguin Furniture Catalog was just released and we have all the furniture catalog cheats and secrets. So without further ado here’s how to get the hidden items from the new cp catalog.

november december 2009 better igloo catalog

First: To get the cp coat rack you need to click on the seat cusion

Second: For this better igloo catalog cheat you need to Click the tiny leaf on page two for the shoe rack item

Third: For the next secret catalog item click on the column on the right side of the snow fort wall. You will get the club penguin fireplace.

(You can also click on the leg of the table for another secret item 😉 )

Four: Click on the top of the snow fortress and you’ll get the new hidden item the club penguin icicles.

Five: For this cheat click the two places i circled and you’ll get the cp cauldron and the cp jack o lantern from last months catalog

Sixth: To get another jack-o-lantern and the club penguin lcd tv you need to click on the sad jack-o-lantern and tombstone. (I’m kinda sick of the old better igloo catalog cheats haha)

Seventh:This better igloo catalog secret is for the piano. You just need to click on the ticket slot of the ticket booth for the piano.

Eighth: Now for the bowling alley , click on the top left window and you’ll get to buy the secret cp bowling alley.

Ninth: For the last clubpenguin igloo furniture cheat you need to click on the heat knobs from the stove and you’ll get the clubpenguin fridge.

Well that’s all for the new cp better igloo furniture catalog cheats for november 2010.  If you find any other hidden items, secrets, or cheats in the new better igloo catalog let us know in the comments.