Club Penguin Field Op 16 Cheats

Today, a new Club Penguin Field-Op mission has been released. Here is a guide to complete the mission:

Click on your Spy Phone and teleport to the Command Room. Once you are there waddle over and click on the yellow screen.

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Click accept Field-Op

Now open your map and teleport over to the Dance Lounge and waddle over next to the cutrain at the left.

Now your EPF Spy Phone will start making a ‘beep, beep, beep’ noise and it will also start flashing green, Click on your EPF Spy Phone to start the mission!

To complete this week’s field ops, you must charge the micro batteries by using your remote control using the arrow keys. Make sure to recharge every micro battery, get the key and watch out for eletric traps! 

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 16 and earned yourself a new medal.

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