Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 12 Cheats!

Today, a new Club Penguin Field-Op mission has been released. Here is a guide to complete the mission:

Click on your Spy Phone and teleport to the Command Room. Once you are there waddle over and click on the yellow screen.

Click on Accept Field Ops.

Club Penguin has dectected some strange readings from the Clock Tower… And its our job to make sure it’s safe to use!

Teleport to the Snow Forts and waddle over just next to the Clock Tower.

Now your EPF Spy Phone will start making a ‘beep, beep, beep’ noise and it will also start flashing green, Click on your EPF Spy Phone to start the mission!

You will have to beat a mini mission by powering up the chip sets!

Congratulations! You’ve completed the new Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 12!

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