The Ultimate Stamp Collecter Guide

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Today’s the big day – Stamps have finally launched! You can collect stamps all over the island – in games, in your igloo, with your puffles and even with your buddies! Everyone can see what you’ve collected by clicking on your player card. If you need some help on the whole stamp collecting feature you are at the right place! So lets get started:

Starting – Locating the Stamp Book:

First either open your player card or another penguins player card and you will see a stamp icon. By clicking on the icon you will be able to see yours or the penguin’s player card you clicked, stamp booklet.

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What do I have to do to get a stamp?

To find what you must do to earn a stamp hover your mouse over a stamp in your stamp book and text will appear with what you must do to unlock it!

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Awesome, Right? What do you guys think about this new stamp feature? Do you like it? Leave a comment and let me know!


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  1. I love the stamps!! Please check out my blog at

  2. i is cool

  3. it’s so awesome! i got like now 40 stamps!! 😀 so cool!

  4. It is awesome but ever since it started things got blocked for non members and that is not fair

  5. I got thirty two stamps but i saw a guy with ninety nine stamps!

  6. eh, i have like 7 stamps 😦

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