New Club Penguin Login Screens!

As you may no today Club Penguin released stamps which you will be able to collect and put in your stamp book! Also with the release of the stamps Club Penguin decided to add two new start screens! Check them out:


2 Responses

  1. I think it’s a bit boring and unfair. There are so many good advantages to the members. The members can self-decorate their stamp book. And from now, in the surfing game, only members can do the survival and challenge ones. I like club penguin really much, but still it’s really unfair. And I’m not allowed to buy one! So all I can do is wait for the free club penguin membership giveaway! How unfair is that, Paintboy100?!?

  2. Thats True ! Veeery True Indeed I Would Love To Be A Member Even If It Was For One Daay Im Surre It Would Fasanate Me (: My User Is molly98798 on CP if anything does take action thats for reading love ya loads bye!! xx

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