Club Penguin Reviewed By You

It’s that time of week where we post your reviews! Last week Billybob asked you what your favorite role to play in a band was, and 472yellow said:
I personally like all of the positions, but i like playing the tuba. The tuba is so unique because it’s THE BIGGEST INSTRUMENT EVER! I also like rocking out with the tuba because all my friends laugh and pretend to throw tomatoes at me. Then, i have to run backstage with my big tuba. Then we take our instruments and go to the pizza parlor for candy pizza!

Sweet! Thanks for your review.
July 21 Blog Image 3.jpeg

This week Billybob would like to know – out of all the pins you’ve collected – which one is your favorite? Make sure you jump on the Club Penguin blog and let them know reviewed by you answer!

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