Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 6 Cheats!

thanks to clubpenguincp for the following post:

Club Penguin has released a new Elite Penguin For Filed Op Mission, this is out Sixth Assignment. Lets check it out:

Someone is using a computer to attack out system!
The Scanner is holding… for now. Search the island
with other agents for a computer responsible
then shut is down. You mus hurry.

The fate of the island rests in your flippers!

The computer witch is trying to attack the EPF System is located at the Recycle Plant! Click on the desk witch the computer is standing on to waddle over to it, your EPF Spy Phone should be flashing green, click on your flashing green Spy Phone to launch the mission!

You must do the following to save the Island of Club Penguin:

  • Bypass the Computers System

Once you’ve fill the bar up compleatly, you’ll recive your Medal to get some more cool Elite Gear!

You must match the Data with the firewall to break through, Be Sharp! the system speeds up!

Click ‘Engage’ to start your mission.

Top Tip: Allways move back to the middle after you’ve matched a bit of data, it makes it easier.

Use your arrow keys (show in the ‘Location Found’ Screen) to move your piece of data to the correct spot. Every time you match the data with the firewall the bar at the top of the screen will fill up. You must watch out, the firewall will speed up as the bar gets fuller.

There will be one piece of data that keeps changing. Once the firewall comes down the piece of data will stop changing and be one of the pieces of data shown in the firewall.


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  1. the field- op is realy hard, but fun

  2. thanks paint boy


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