Hey Paintboy,

Last year I was author here? I hope you still remember. Alex let me go on this blog,(DONT REMOVE HIM PLEASE!!!!) I told him I will not scam or delete anything (I am not like that). I understand he is an editor, but I will not harm your blog, I never will, I am not like that. I am sorry for advertising my blog Last year. I took Club Penguin Hood to far, Now I don’t own Club Penguin Hood it DDoS attack was sent to it, now I can barely log on it, a month later I quit Club Penguin Hood, all I started doing was posting cheats on my youtube channel. Me and Paintboy100 we both made a party together, we talked together, but it was my fault for advertising I got way to over excited about my blog. I’m sorry Paintboy100, Paintboy also. One more thing I am looking forward to working here, is it possible if I could be author? My Email is: (its my old email from ages ago, but I used it for my blog which i barely update it was my new blog) I really want to help people post again. I will use this blog as my main but with you Paintboy100. Sorry again. Also Thanks Alex for letting me on this blog. I am defiantly not a scammer. I don’t scam and I don’t lie it’s just not right.  Paintboy100 please understand that we used to be best friends. Thanks again. My Email again is:  [add me to the blog  as an Author (thanks paintboy)]

-Lil Maney

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