Club Penguin Music Jam 2010 Party Ultimate Guide!

Today the annual Club Penguin Music Jam party arrived in Club Penguin and you are at the right place for all the Ultimate Music Jam Party Guide! So lets get started:

Here is how to find the first item, the Blue Headphones

1. Click on the map in the upper right.
2. Go to the Cove.
3. Click on the box of Blue Head Phones.

Here is how to find the second item, the Boombox:

You will firstly have to go to Ski Village and pick up your All Acess Pass for 50 coins so that you can access the Memebers room where the Boombox is located!

Now you have the…..

1. Click on the map
2. Go to the Town.
3. Waddle into the Night Club.
4. Go upstairs to the Dance Lounge.
5. Enter V.I.P Night Club Roof.
6. Click on the Boombox.

Here is how to find the third item, the Music Jam Shirt:

1. Click on the map in the bottom left.
2. Go to the Dock.
3. Enter the V.I.P backstage room.
4. Click on the Music Jam Shirt Box.


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  1. i wanted to correct you the boombox isnt a vip member thing anyone can go in it

  2. Hey man. How u bean? Nice site. keep up the good werk.

  3. Thanks J0sh95!!! I love Paintboy100 Cheats & Secrets!!!

  4. allison ur kinda wrong. only members can go. im not a member

  5. I love your site dude….keep up the good work

  6. Love the site man…keep up the good work

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