New Club Penguin Times Issue #247

Page A1/A2 – Music Jam

The island’s annual music festiva is back, and everyone’s invited to step up and perform.

Form a band. Get your friends and some instruments. Big or small , Music Jam needs BANDS!
Judge. Have an ear for music? Perfect. You’re a judge. Get into a booth, and share your wisdom.
Busk. Enjoy a smaller scene? Then try your flipper at busking. Open your guitar case, and play for smaller crowds around the Town.
Dance. If you prefer to move to the beat, then put on those dancing shoes. those dance floors aren’t going to fill themselves!

So, Practice in your igloos, spin tacks at the Night Club – do whatever you need to do! Just join the party. ‘Cause Music Jam is ON!

Page A4/A5 – Learn To Start A Conga Line

1. Tell all the penguins that you’re making a conga line. Try saying: Conga! Make a line.”

2. To start with, move slowly until everyone gets the hang of it. Try saying: “FOLLOW ME!”

3. Click the place you’re going, not other penguins. Clicking another penguin will slow you down!

4. Keep moving! And you don’t have to stay in the same room. If you get hungry, stop and eat fish pizza.

Upcoming Events

July 9 – Penguin Mail
July 15 – Better Igloos
July 15 – New Instruments available
Jule 23 – Underwater Adventure

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  1. we can jest go to club penguin and also read ask ant arctic

  2. we can jest go to club penguin and also read ask ant arctic

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