Club Penguin Field-Ops Mission 3 Cheats!

Today, a new Club Penguin Field-Op mission has been released. Here is a guide to complete the mission:

Click on your spyphone and teleport to the Command Room. Once you are there waddle over and click on the yellow screen.

Accept the Field Op and go to the Mine Caves. Now, waddle to the light bulb and wait until your Spy Gadget turns green…

Now that your spyphone has turned green click it then click engage. You will have to destroy the circuits by matching the circuit symbols to overload the wiring.

Well done, you have now completed the 3rd Field-Ops mission! What do you think, did you like this mission?

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member


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  1. That was pretty easy thanks!

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the cheats!!!

  3. its the same as the first one! 😦

  4. how do u find rh candence gary the bandnand more???

  5. where is rh???

  6. this website is the bomb digidy

  7. hi i am williambarton.

  8. club pengiun is a very good game it beter then any
    game in the world.

  9. how do you beat the field ops mission

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