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Club Penguin Adventure Party Cheats!

The 2010 Island Adventure Party is here and you are at the right place for all the updates and cheats! So lets get started:

There is a paper boat scavenger hunt where you have to hunt the island and find all the paper boats to unlock the free item! Here is where the paper boats are located

The first paper boat is located at the Forest:

The second paper boat is located at the Beach:

The 3rd paper boat is located at the Forts:

The 4th paper boat is located at Mermaid Cove:

The 5th paper boat is located at the Plaza:

The 6th paper boat is located at the Town:

The 7th paper boat is located at the Ice Berg:

The 8th paper boat is located at Ski Village:

Congratulations you have collected all the paper boat’s in the scavenger hunt so now you have to peice together the map to collect the free prize! Once you peice together the map you can get the free treasure cove beackground

j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member

9 Responses

  1. You forgot to mention the free clothes in the tree fort!

  2. awesome ill be there

  3. I did all this on my own on June 17, you really should be quicker in updating things. And I got the pin.

  4. i have a party its,
    server- snow angle
    room- cove
    time- 10.00 am uk time

  5. server- snow anglroom- cove

  6. to me, that backround doesnt look to appealing.

  7. You have a great website! Thanks for the help!

  8. thank you

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