Rockhopper Tracker June 2010 – Where is Rockhopper

Hey Penguins,

If you didn’t know we updated and re-coded the rockhopper tracker and it’s working great. So when rockhopper arrives for the June 2010 Island Adventure Party you’ll be able to find where is rockhopper on club penguin.

You can click here for the updated tracker

By using this you will be able to find rockhoppers location on club penguin in June 2010 and over the next week during his visit. Be sure to visit for his most up to date location information and also for the free membership giveaways over the next

This is the only tracker i know of that actually works and isn’t just a fake “tracker picture.” It constantly updates the server and room by tracking the actual penguin ID number and not just some random guess or just constantly saying “scanning” haha.

To add the rockhopper tracker to your site you can copy and paste this code into a post or widget (if it is a post you need to use the html tab instead of visual in wordpress):

<a href="" title="June 2010 Rockhopper Tracker"><img src="" width="400" height="150"></img></a>

Hopefully by using the rockhopper tracker June 2010 you’ll be able to find and meet rockhopper and maybe even get your picture taken with him haha.


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