Herbert’s Revenge Statue Spotted At The Mine

Today a Herbert’s Revenge statue was spotted at the mine! This statue is from the DS game, Herbert’s Revenge, from the last mission when we used the statue to plug the overflowing geyser. Take a look:

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j0sh95, Team Paintboy Member


9 Responses

  1. i think he has rescued by the Agents! wht do u think guyx m i right 😕

  2. I saw that yesterday!

  3. hurray!!rock hoppers coming. i never ever saw him in clubpenguin

  4. nice, cant wait till rockhopper comes,…When is he comming?

  5. Why is that there? And what do you do with it? How do you get all this info and cheats?YOUR AWSOME!

  6. hey whats your myspace page.

  7. I have come to my decision that your headline “herbert’s revenge statue spotted at the mine r…” is tasty and I can tell that you are brilliant.

  8. I want to be your friend ; go on cabin and go to the pizza parla

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