Club Penguin Wii Game – Club Penguin Game Day

Club Penguin is releasing a new game for the Wii called Club Penguin Game Day! The new club penguin wii game is going to be coming out in September of 2010 and looks like it’s going to be awesome. Here’s a shot of the actual club penguin wii game – club penguin game day

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Rating summary:
This is a collection of mini-games in which players compete against teams of penguins in arctic challenges. Players can choose from games such as snowball fights, bobsled racing, and ice hockey. Penguins are sometimes hit with hockey sticks or pelted by snowballs, resulting in “dizzy star” effects and falls to the ground.

As soon as the games released we’ll have the Club Penguin Wii Game Cheats until then you can stick with the basic information about the club penguin wii game

So who else is excited for the new club penguin game day Wii Game? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Club Penguin: Game Day! Box Art (c) Disney

  2. Hehe am I honestly the first comment to this great read?!?

  3. I just want to tahnk you for all these great hacks. You’ve really helped me a lot to play club p.

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