Club Penguin Times – Issue #243

Page A2/A3 – Plan Your Island Adventure

Everyone get ready! All over, penguins are getting set for the Island Adventure Party. There will be things like secret forts, nautical games, and a place that mermaids would love. There also may be a scavenger hunt and starting some good old-fashioned seafaring battles….. The Island Adventure Party is expected to begin June 18.

Page A4/A5 – How To Call Rockhopper

Penguins will be busy at the beach using flares to call Rockhopper. There are several ways to get his attention. Gathering at the Beach with friends and being really loud will encourage the pirate to come to the party. It might take Rockhopper a while to see the flares, so stop and eat some pizza! it’s his favourite food! As you’re watching for him, throw a party in your igloo. After all, pirate parrrties arrrre arrrresome.

Page C7/C8 – Upcoming Events

June 18 – Better Igloos
June 18 – New Pin
June 18 – Igloo Upgrades
June 25 – Igloo Music

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    check out this awesome blog!! the video is really fun and ask me any questions!! I love online games!!


    check it out!!! if you like club penguin you’ll love tootsville!

  3. waaaaa rockhopper not come back :()

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