Club Penguin June 2010 Ruby and the Ruby Costume Trunk Cheats

A new Club Penguin play, “Ruby and the Ruby” has come to the stage  today, and here are the Club Penguin cheats for new stage catalog!

  • Go to the 4th page of the Costume Catalog and click on the door handle.


6 Responses

  1. you miss a secret idom.

  2. Do you know how to get the hidden pin? Or the hidden background? Visit my website to see the cheats.

  3. hey if you go to the back of the catolog and move the how to get coins square, u can get a backround

  4. i do its so easy just move the “how to get more coins” square!!!!!

  5. Where is the June 2010 pin?

  6. One more background
    Go to the back and Drag the coins message DOWN!

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